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Every chance you get to create an experience for a customer is a golden opportunity to grow your business.

God Is Good Motors, as you'll see below, has both hands on the online customer experience pedal and is using the same to increase revenues, build trust, and customer loyalty. 

Most importantly, through these efforts, GIGM is completely dominating Nigeria's road transport industry. 

Are you struggling to optimize or develop a customer experience strategy for your company to boost sales and brand loyalty? 

You're in luck.

This article exposes how God Is Good Motors is leveraging the undervalued competitive advantage called online customer experience to outshine competitors. 

Thus, sit tight and learn how you, too, can apply these strategies to grow your business. 

To ensure we're on the same page, I'd start by dealing with the elephant in the room. 

What is Customer Experience?

Nothing comes close to customers who willingly promote your brand, products, or services to others. Not only would that bring in a consistent flow of sales, but you'd also spend less on advertising. 

Do you agree? 

Thus, the million-dollar question: How do you activate and excite customers enough to talk positively about your company to friends and loved ones? 

Of course, you must have a great product or service. 

That's inevitable. 

Unfortunately, an amazing product by itself would not do the trick in this digital age, as there are lots of great options to choose from in almost all industries. 

So, sorry. Keep your great product if that's all you've got. We don't live in a product-first world, no matter how wonderful it is. We live in a customer-first world. 

Which begs another question: With an abundance of wonderful options to choose from, how do you still win people's hearts enough to not only prefer doing business with you but also tell others about your brand?

The answer to that question you'll find in HubSpot's definition of customer experience, which is:

"The impression you have with your customer, resulting in how they think of your brand, across every stage of the customer journey."

As per HubSpot's definition, you only score excellent customer experience if people's perception is positive every time they interact with your brand. 

And that includes before- and after-sales interactions. 

Which implies that if you act like a dove while acquiring a customer; then, turn into a tiger after they patronize you, you've not delivered good customer experience. 

With that in mind, I'd stress that God Is Good Motors is not perfect. However, their efforts so far are commendable, based on the amazing results you're about to find out. 

The Origin of GIG Motors' Online Customer Experience Strategy


Have you seen the acronym above before?

If you haven't, WIIFM stands for "What's In It For Me."

In case you didn't know, every modern-day customer would unconsciously ask that question before they interact with your company. 

Would you still be reading this article if you didn't believe some info in it would be valuable to you?

I doubt. 

Both your current and potential customers are the same. 

Thus, customer experience starts the very instant a customer makes contact with your company: They are there for what's in it for them. 

Life won't give you a second chance to correct a first bad impression. The same applies in customer experience; you must make every customer interaction count starting with the very first one. 

That's exactly where God Is Good Motors started its online customer experience strategy: The core expectation of the modern-day customer. 

In 2015, the company rebranded to simply identify as, which projected a company that understood that people in the 21-century preferred to do business online. 

That rebranding also led to the rollout of a new website that captured the new brand identity of the company. Pulse's report also observed that the company also began investing heavily in digital from 2015.

However, as an organization, you don't just score good customer experience marks in the eyes of consumers with a mere rebrand and shiny website.

God Is Good Motors knew that. Also, they knew that they were to function in a customer-first world where only the satisfaction of customers counted. 

With that knowledge, the company developed a new mission and vision statement to guide its employees, as we as reflect its commitment to customers in the digital age. 

You can't satisfy customers if the experience they derive each time they interact with your brand isn't cumulatively positive.

Thus, knowing that the path to achieving customer satisfaction starts with good experiences across every customer touchpoint,'s new mission statement empowered every staff to prioritize delivering the best value to customers. 

You can easily find this on its interactive website, apps, "captains," sales reps, service agents, etc. At each touchpoint, a customer leaves with a positive perception. 

Yes, I know there are exceptions (I've experienced some, too), but you can blame that on compliance.

However, if you decide to make the business-transforming switch to prioritize the customer experience, you'll need to develop a new mission and vision statement to guide your teams. 

That's something you'll find in our FREE checklist, guiding companies to develop a customer experience (CX) strategy in Nigeria. 

Download a FREE Customer Experience (CX) Strategy Checklist to Develop Your Company's Online Customer Experience Strategy

What Innovation Propels GIG Motors' Online Customer Experience Strategy?

After the launch of its new tech-driven and customer-focused brand, received several accolades and media mentions. 

Well, that doesn't always translate into increased revenues, right?


As per its parent company, The GIG Group, not only did industry intelligence rate as "one of Nigeria's safest transport companies," they started moving more than 5,000 passengers per day even before 2016. 

Fares ranged from N3,000 to over N8,000 at that time. At over 5,000 passengers per day, I'd leave you to do that math. 

However, by 2016, as technology advanced, customers desired more, as usual. 

Twinepine declared Nigeria the world's most mobilized country in 2016, with mobile devices accounting for over 76% of online traffic in the country. jumped on the trend. 

To capture the mobile opportunity and establish the path towards creating an experience for the mobile-crazy consumer, GIGM unveiled its mobile application in June 2016

By then, many companies in its sector still struggled with developing a functional, interactive, and customer-centric website. In 2019, many still are. 

Throughout 2016 and 2017, continued to innovate to improve the experience delivered to customers. Due to these efforts, the company's dominance of Nigeria's transportation sector could no longer be ignored. 

By 2018, Techpoint and Techcabal had no option than to confer the title of "Nigeria's Most Technologically Advanced Road Transport Company," respectively. 

Also, while Techcabal observed that offered a "smoother, more efficient, check-in experience" for customers, Techpoint noted that "customer safety, service, and comfort" was at the core of GIGM's incredible growth. 

Such public award plaques and top-down online customer experience focus don't just end up in the sitting room of a company's founder. 

For, it didn't. It attracted the interest of another customer group -- investors. 

Who wouldn't want to reap some benefits from a growing business poised on getting even bigger? 

You? I doubt. 

Again, was up to the challenge. 

In March 2019, the company rolled out an enterprise solution dedicated to investors. According to Vanguard's report, this innovative solution enabled interested investors to not only invest in, but also monitor their investments in real-time. 

The key takeaway?

If your company prioritizes the online customer experience, you end attracting other people to give you their money (in the form of investments) to grow your business further. 

That's one of the benefits is enjoying right now. Still undecided?

You shouldn't.

However, it's now time for you to pause and reflect. 

If all you've seen so far still leaves you with a sour taste and the question: In what ways did GIGM's innovation drive the customer experience and growth?

Stay with me. 

How's Online Customer Experience Strategy Drives Its Business Growth

There are just a few ways of growing any enterprise that has proven to work since the beginning of civilization. 

At the top of such proven ways to grow a business is to go where your customers are. 

That is, you need to be where your customers are, innovate around that area, gain their attention, and use it to influence actions favorable to your business. 

Why do you think people prefer to rent stores in busy locations?

It's simple.

The more exposure (eyeballs) you can get on your brand, the more you can tempt people (even those that didn't plan) to buy from you. 

Regarding using the online customer experience to drive business growth, it's no different.

The first (and most important) step is to get consumers' attention by going where they are. 

You guessed right. Those are the bedrock of GIGM's online customer experience business growth strategy. 

Firstly, they identified where Nigerian consumers are: The internet. 

As per January 2019 statistics by the NCC, Nigeria had hit over 111 million monthly internet users. With the country's reported population at about 200 million, that implied that about 60% of Nigeria's population was on the internet. 

Does that ring any bell whey rebranded and unveiled its online-friendly brand and interactive website in 2015?

See the image below to discover what currently enjoys compared to its closest rival, as a result of its strategic digital move in 2015.

GIG Motors online customer experience strategy

GIG Motors Vs Peace Mass

The company's closest online competitor, Peace Mass Transit, according to SEMrush's web traffic data, only manages to get 1/11th of the traffic gets. 

Yes, it's that huge. 94.6k visitors/month compared to just 7.7k for Peace Mass. 

Worst still, when other players in Nigeria's transport industry realized the potential of the internet, whoever consulted for them failed to remind these companies that Nigerians were already mobile-crazy. 

As of 2017, about 81% of Nigeria's overall internet traffic came from mobile devices, according to Nigerian Communication Week's report.

Due to its focus to first go where customers are and innovate to create an experience that drives sales, left it's competitors to the dust. 

Just see snapshots of the mobile app download stat below: 

online customer experience

Peace Mass App Downloads

GIGM growth strategy

GIG Motors App Downloads (Android)

As you can see, while Peace Mass has managed to get just 100 downloads, has over 100k downloads (on Android alone). 

Isn't such a vast margin mind-blowing? 

Well, it shocked the hell out of me.

Imagine if GIG Motors converts just 20-40% of it's web and mobile app traffic per month.

That's predictable business (no need to struggle with agbero or touts for passengers) for the company. 

To further cement its position,'s service agents respond swiftly to almost every review of its business on the app store compared to its competitors. 

GIG Motors Growth Strategy

Swift Responses by GIG's Service Agents

That's another touchpoint any business hoping to build positive brand perception to increase an overall money-spinning customer experience must take seriously. 

Online, customers are not patient. You must be there when they want you to win their hearts and wallets

However, don't forget the key takeaway here: All stats revealed so far goes to show that is where customers are; then they're innovating to create the online customer experience to drive growth. 

Computer? (friendly, user-centric website). 

Mobile phones? (interactive, intuitive mobile applications). 

Now, ask yourself. 

If wasn't at the places where most Nigerian consumers are (the internet), would they've been able to create the online customer experience driving business growth? 


Your lesson? 

Creating experiences to grow your business begins with getting the attention of those likely to buy from you. 

That's the first and inevitable part. 

Done right, you take the opportunity of that acquired attention to create an experience that leaves positive perceptions of your brand in the minds of customers, based on your positioning. 

Therefore, start by asking yourself these pertinent questions: 

  • Is my business well-positioned where my customers are? (Follow by, who exactly are my customers?)
  • How well is my company's positioning helping to command the attention needed to influence the perception of how customers see my brand at each touchpoint of the customer journey?
  • At each possible customer interaction, am I creating an experience to win the hearts and wallets of customers?

As you just saw, by going where customers are (the internet) and creating an experience (interactive, user-focused website and mobile apps), is disrupting its industry at an incredible speed. 

But it doesn't stop there. 

Despite these industry-leading efforts, which has won lots of awards, the company is still leaving loads of revenues on the table. 

Maybe they've been blinded by their success so far or are just gracious enough to leave rooms for other players in the industry to take advantage of.

I don't know, but I hope they wake up. 

For example, GIG Motors doesn't show on the search engines (and app stores) for relevant non-brand search terms.

What I mean here that they're missing out on sales from those who don't care about your innovations or accolades. 

In the case of the transport industry, such people just want to go from A to point B, and won't necessarily search for GIGM or other companies. 

Any company that provides them the best information at that instant takes their business. GIGM (and, of course, others) is missing out entirely in this area. 

And that's a huge miss.

For the respect of your time, I'd stop here for this edition. 

Abrupt End (Conclusion) and Next Steps...

There are still many online customer experience best practices is omitting that could drive their business even further. 

As per my research (yet to be published), those omissions are hurting the company's sales. 

Would you like to discover those hidden online customer experience nuggets, despite their incredible efforts, is omitting that's hurting the company's sales?


To join my waiting list, download our FREE Customer Experience Strategy development checklist below. 

Download a FREE Customer Experience (CX) Strategy Checklist to Develop Your Company's Online Customer Experience Strategy

If you download, I'd add your email address to my priority list of those to get FREE first-hand access to my research. 

For now, take what you've learned and put into action in your business. It'd work wonders for your brand. 

Goodluck (Got questions? Comment below).

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      Wow, Kunle, I’m glad you found this information useful. Go ahead and put what you’ve just learned into your business. Goodluck.

  • GIGM is undoubtedly one of the most technology driven transport companies in Nigeria.

    I love how mobile responsive their website and the whole experience.

    They’re doing well. However, there’s always room for more improvement.

    Thank you Victor, I always love to read your content because they’re always detailed, informative and helpful.

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