At DigitalSprout NG, we use data to drive business growth for clients. Through market research, surveys, interviews, and thorough examination of case studies, we help businesses identify their customers and implement effective customer experience-driven branding strategies

Clutch, a business resource, identified DigitalSprout NG as a 2019 leading branding company in Nigeria. 

Clutch is a research website for B2B service providers. Their team  of business analysts curates lists of the best B2B service providers in different areas of the world to help buyers navigate the market. 

After talking to clients, Clutch realized our unique customer experience-driven branding techniques and on-time project deliveries. Below is a snapshot on Clutch's site of a review from one of our clients: 

This client, the CEO of SprintHub Mobile, said:

"The in-house team is happy with the final design and is planning to implement it."

At DigitalSproutNG, customer satisfaction is key, and we're very glad that clients are happy with the branding and other related services we provide. We always strive to meet clients' needs, maintain excellent communication, and execute our projects on-time, which is why we are very grateful for reviews like these. 

Also, The Manifest, one of Clutch's sister sites recognize our expertise and professionalism. The Manifest is a guide for businesses that compiles practical wisdom about B2B services. Our profile is displayed on The Manifest's list of top content marketing agencies in the world. 

When comparing this to the list on Visual Objects of the branding companies in the world, anyone can see that our experience in the industry is appreciable. 

We thank the research team at Clutch for listing DigitalSproutNG as of the top B2B branding agencies in Africa. Most importantly, we're grateful to the clients who demonstrate faith in our small and growing team by allowing us handle their projects. 

Contact us today for a quick chat about how we can help your business grow with creative, customer experience-driven branding solutions your customers would love and buy.

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Victor Eduoh

Victor is DigitalSproutNG's B2B Content Strategist & CX Expert, leading the agency's initiatives to help companies deploy data-driven customer experiences that drive business growth.